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The general manager of Pinto S.r.l. will work alongside his employees for Rai’s docu-reality

An excellence from Campania will star in the famous programme Undercover Boss broadcast in prime time on Rai 2.  It is precisely our company, specialized in the manufacture of shading systems (roller shutters), sun screens (sunshades), shower enclosures and folding doors.

Undercover Boss, one of Rai 2’s top programmes, is a docu-reality that features Italian companies of excellence with entrepreneurs and workers who, with their work, make our country great. A 30-year-long story of entrepreneurship that has led Pinto S.r.l. to be a leading company in Italy and among the top 5 in Europe in its sector.

Here is a preview

Angelo Pinto, the company’s general manager, will try his hand at the programme hosted by Max Giusti. The manager, disguised and with a new identity and physical appearance, will work alongside four of his employees pretending to be an apprentice. Similarly, Max Giusti, will take the field by transforming himself into Jose, a worker of Chilean origin, who will go on a mission on behalf of the boss to discover one of his company’s historic productions. In the episode, as usual, there will certainly be no lack of twists and turns and emotions that will show how the Campania company is rich in professionalism and in people with stories and feelings capable of making a company great.

The workers, busy working with their boss or with Max Giusti (both disguised), will be told – so as not to arouse their suspicions – that ‘Missione lavoro‘ is being filmed, a new factual series that showcases the world of Italian entrepreneurship and work at a difficult time full of challenges, not only for companies but for the whole country. Only once the week of filming in the company is over will the workers discover that they have been assisted in their duties by their boss and, in some cases, by Max Giusti, who will reveal his true identity.

Where to see Undercover Boss 2023 live on TV and in streaming?

Appointment on Rai 2 at 21.20 on Monday 23 January 2023, with the new edition of the docu-reality hosted by Max Giusti, or on RaiPlay where you can watch the episode again on-demand.



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