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Shower enclosures

Shower enclosures


Made entirely of PVC, our shower and tubs enclosures are a synthesis of elegance, functionality and convenience.
Rollplast PVC shower enclosures are the result of continuous research, accurate raw material selection and precise production processes.
Over the years, Rollplast Pinto has created a complete collection that can satisfy every functional need and be absolutely reliable in time.



Elegance, functionality and convenience.

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Ideal for any bathroom.

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Slim and slender design.

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Many reasons to choose a shower bellow pvc

Insensitive to acids, resistant to mold microorganisms, water repellent, self-extinguishing with stainless steel accessories. The PVC doors, unlike other materials, in case of a violent shock or accidental fall, are not subject to breakage and don’t represent a danger.
The product is already preassembled, so, during the installation phase, you just have to fix the side profiles to the walls and insert the doors into the sliding guides. A full range of instructions are available in each carton.
Safety is insured thanks to calcium-zinc stabilized PVC profiles (Ca-Zn), with no lead. At the end of its use, the shower cabin can easily be recycled.
Ideal for bathroom furniture in the marine areas. Unlike the homologues products made of aluminum structure, which are easily and inexorably attacked by salt, the PVC shower enclosure is extremely resistant to salt aggression.
PVC shower enclosures are designed to be adapted to small tubs/trays and provide ample entry space thanks to the integral sliding system of the doors.
Unlike similar products made with different materials, they are considerably cost-effective.
Thanks to the variety of colors and sizes, the enclosures can easily be adapted to different types of bathroom furnishings, from modern to classic. With the simple cutting of the sliding guides, they are adaptable to any need.
Thanks to the smooth surface and to the innovative integral sliding system that do not allow dirt to grasp, the PVC shower enclosure is very easy to clean.