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Heat Insulating & Two-Tone The Duero and ArialuceTherm models are particularly suited to provide greater thermal insulation of the home with roller shutters and garage doors.

Thermal insulation: the two-component PVC-ALUMINIUM structure of the profiles interrupts thermal transmittance between the external and internal environment, preventing heat loss. Energy savings: this type helps to reduce the costs of heating in winter and cooling in summer.
Two-tone: the two-component profile also offers the possibility of choosing different colours for the exterior and interior side, so the closure can better match the façade of the house as well as the interior décor.
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MORE AIR AND LIGHT The ARIALUCE, ARIALUCE40, PETIT30, MINIMAL FORO LARGO and DOUBLE SPACE roller shutter models are appropriate in cases where more ventilation and sunlight entry is desired, even when the shutter is down but with the slots open.

Better air circulation inside the house
Increased sunlight entry
Less formation of mould or other microorganisms harmful to health
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SECURITY The SICURTAPP and ANTISOLL models are suitable for situations where a shading solution with special security features is required.

Certified burglar resistance through automatic anti-lifting system
Resistance to break-in attempts thanks to extruded aluminium profile
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MICROPERFORATED The ZANZARTAP and MINIMAL roller shutter models are suitable as a shading solution and, at the same time, as an insect barrier, in the absence of a mosquito net. The micro-perforation on the entire surface of the slat hook allows:

Efficient performance as a mosquito net
Increased air circulation and sunlight entry
Excellent view to the outside while maintaining total privacy
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SUNSHADES A sunshade is a shading solution ideal for balancing energy saving and the rational use of daylight.

Heat protection
Glare protection
Reduction of energy consumption to cool the space during summer
Clever use of daylight and improvement of people's physiological well-being
External visibility while respecting privacy
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