Double Space® class 3

The roller shutter that customizes light and counteracts intrusion attempts

Technical features

Profile size 13 x 55 mm Weight per square metre 10,0 kg Maximum width 3000 mm

Double Space® class 3 is an extruded aluminium roller shutter whose main feature is the distance between the slats in the semi-closed position. The ‘Pinto’ roller shutter combines the features of the ‘More air & light’ line with those related to security.

Light Control

Thanks to the gap between the slats, available in two variants to be chosen at the time of order, 2.5 cm or 1.5 cm, this type of roller shutter allows light to be customized to suit the most diverse living requirements. With the roller shutter down, you can simply choose to have total darkness or freely decide how much light filters into the interior.


Made of extruded aluminium, Double Space® is a strong and reliable roller shutter, guaranteeing, in the fully closed position, the anti-intrusion security standards suitable for an armoured roller shutter.

Thanks to these features, we have obtained certificazione di antieffrazione classe 3 from Istituto Giordano, the technical body at the forefront of product testing, certification, research and design.

The opportunity to rely on a security classification according to the European standard, counting on products that are certified, qualified and controlled by external institutes and independent from the manufacturer, brings you certainty and reliability. Today, it has become important to choose an effective product for the security of your home and to assess its burglar resistance class. This passive security system is ideal for thwarting intrusion attempts by ill-intentioned persons.

Modern design

Its essential lines make this roller shutter suitable for both modern and traditional settings.

The application of Double Space® as a replacement for existing roller shutters does not require changing any rails or fittings.




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