Heat-insulating garage shutter door “SOON TO BE MANUFACTURED”

Technical features

Profile size 19 x 91 mm Weight per square metre 13 kg

The garage is the least thermally protected space in a house. In fact, apart from the shutter door, there are no fixtures or other closures in this part of the house that can contribute to thermal bridging. This leads to a transmission of faster heat flows to and from the outside, which negatively affects the thermal insulation of the building. SERtherm stems from the need to devise a garage door capable of ensuring both resistance and anti-intrusion characteristics, as well as greater thermal insulation compared to traditional closures.

SERtherm is a two-component profile for garage doors consisting of an extruded aluminium profile on the outside and a PVC profile on the inside. The special coupling system between the two faces of the slat interrupts the thermal conductivity of the metal cutting the thermal transmittance between the external and internal environment.



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