Pinto and Granese: specialists in innovation, architecture and design

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Pinto and Granese: specialists in innovation, architecture and design

Key factors on which the study, research and design work of Pinto Srl is based. For several years now, the company has been working closely with ‘Granese Architettura & Design”.

Over the years, our company and architect Diego Granese have created exhibitions that have been particularly appreciated in Italy and abroad, establishing a unique and innovative style in the sector of sunscreens and shading systems. But who is Diego Granese? And how did this collaboration with Pinto Srl come about? We asked the author of the splendid works carried out for us, which Granese himself also illustrates and describes on his website and social media channels. @granesearchitetturadesign  






Together with Pinto, you have been collaborating on trade fair stands for some time now, which have already been appreciated by visitors and insiders on two occasions. How do you make your creations unique and how does such a project come to life?

“My projects are always rooted in the essence and doing of the companies I work with. The first phase is one of analysis, study of the company, its products and its know-how. I try to identify the essence of the Corporate Mission and try to convey it through an Exhibit Design project that is innovative, effective and successful. Obviously, it is always, I say always, the product that must come out, in its beauty, in its function and with an innovative interpretation to arouse the right interest of the visitor and future customer.”

When and how did the collaboration with Pinto begin?

“The collaboration with the Pinto Company began by chance as we both knew each other and understood who we were and what we did, then the rest came by itself.

Would you ever have thought of making a work with roller shutters? And why did you juxtapose the clothes hanging in the alleys first and the trees and greenery later?

“My projects never come from thoughts or preconceived ideas, they are all new and unique. I absolutely would never have imagined representing a shutter company with this beautiful, multicoloured and dynamic design. I honestly dream a lot and always try to fulfil my dreams with great determination and passion. In the case of the suspended and moving roller shutters, it was a dream that was simply told to the customer verbally and where he immediately got his approval despite the enormous difficulties and risks in fulfilling it, together, joining forces, we succeeded and it was a great success.”

Did Granese, one of the best architectural firms in exhibit design, expect this?

“Let’s say that I have some experience in this field, as I already won the CERSAIE Award in 2009 for the best stand at Cersaie in Bologna with a Campania-based tile company. I certainly don’t chase prizes and awards but go my own way, chasing only my dreams, which I always try to fulfil with visionary and far-sighted entrepreneurs.

Is this recognition a point of arrival or a ‘restart’ for new ideas and projects?

“This new recognition is nothing more than a new stimulus to move forward and continue along the road taken, which is obviously that of doing, of taking risks, of always believing in one’s own ideas and trying in every way to fulfil them.”

In a recent article, you talk about how architecture can contribute to cultural and political growth… as well as talking about Southern Italy as the cradle of the Renaissance. Are you still convinced of this and why?

“I am convinced of this, as an expert of the economic and social issues of Southern Italy, I am a great believer in the potential of this land and the great opportunities it can generate. Southern Italy is a land of great natural, cultural and gastronomic beauty. A Land of welcome, of suffering but of great Beauty. We can start off right here with a New Renaissance of ‘doing good’, all the prerequisites and opportunities are there, you just need to want it.”

Do you consider shading systems to be a key element of interior design? And what elements should a shutter system have to be beautiful and functional?

“I believe that Architecture and Interior Design now need new technologies of shading systems that through Design can generate a new way of protecting buildings from overheating and generate great aesthetic opportunities to the built environment.”

Have building bonuses given further impetus to your sector or not?

“The bonuses have certainly given great impetus to the sector, but unfortunately, the cost of raw materials has slightly slowed down research and innovation, which require quite high investment costs and longer timeframes.”


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